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Club Car Limo became the biggest and the best by offering our customers the broadest array of limo services available in the Tri-State area. We have something for everyone - and at very competitive rates. Some of our available services include:

  • Special Events
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Transportation
  • Airport Transportation


Club Car Limousine & Trolley
Club Car Limousine & Trolley


THE CHRYSLER 300 is one of our very newest Limousines. Our Chrysler 300 Super-Stretch-Plus represents the pinnacle of style and elegance. No detail was left unturned in creating this Chrysler 300 limousine, and the result is a supreme, modern, and surprisingly comfortable design that will impress even the most discerning clientele. Some of the amenities included are multiple LCD TVs, DVD, a Powerful Sound system, and a laser light show. It ensures a cherished experience.

The Chrysler 300 is the perfect limousine for just about any occasion, whether it is your Prom, Quinceanera, Wedding, or just a special night out.


The SUPER STRETCH, a 2011 Body Style Lincoln Town Car limo, is perfect for any occasion. Rated at 10 passenger capacity, the Super Stretch features a 1000 watt sound system with a 300 watts powered subwoofer, DVD player, Color monitor, neon interior accent lights, fiber optics, elegant hardwood bar area with refreshment coolers, and champagne wells. In keeping with our desire to 'GO GREEN,' this fine limousine gets up to 160 passenger miles per gallon.

Club Car Limousine & Trolley
Club Car Limousine & Trolley


ULTRA SUPER STRETCH PLUS is a 14 passenger rated luxury limousine with all the amenities such as fiber optic mirrored ceiling, neon effect fiber optic lighting, bar with large refreshment coolers, champagne wells, high-performance sound system, high definition LCD monitor, DVD player, and more.

Elegance and a high passenger capacity that is very close to that of an SUV a more cost-effective rental rate. You won't find a longer or nicer Lincoln limousine in the area. It's impressively long, beautiful and carries a lot of people. In keeping with our 'Go Green' theme, Our Ultra Super Stretch gets up to 240 passenger miles per gallon on the highway.


Mercedes Luxury Limousine It's a Mercedes, so you know it's Top Shelf, and it is a totally new and fresh design that simply stated, 'REDEFINES LUXURY TRANSPORTATION.' This new concept in luxury transportation features a 6" 4" ceiling for easy entry and egress.

Some of the many features include a high-performance sound system, fiber optic lighting, custom aluminum fiber optics ceiling, a bar area with drink coolers, champagne wells and much more. Our Corporate clients love this Mercedes too, as the special effects can be turned down or off to present a more conservative appearance. In keeping with our mission to 'Go Green', this fine limousine gets 200 passenger miles per gallon…and that's in-city driving!

Club Car Limousine & Trolley
Club Car Limousine & Trolley


The latest body style Excursion SUV limousine available is white with a white vinyl top and features: High definition flat panel LCD TV monitors with DVD player, Fiber optic ceilings with neon effect lighting, refreshment bar with large coolers and wells. Perfect for weddings or any event or trip that requires high passenger capacity or if you simply want to ride in one of the longest limousines in the Tri-State area, our Excursion is your ticket. This fine SUV limousine gets up to more than 100 passenger miles per gallon.


Our Tuxedo Excursion II can comfortably accommodate large groups. It features a traditional white body with a black vinyl top. The black and white appearance is similar to a man's formal Tuxedo, thus the nickname, Tuxedo Excursion II. Our Tuxedo Excursion Limousine features high definition LCD TV monitor, DVD player, 5500-watt high-performance sound system, fiber optic lighting, large bar areas, and champagne wells. The Tuxedo Excursion is perfect for weddings or any event or trip that requires high passenger capacity in a very long, sleek limousine.

The Green Limousine theme fits as many as 240 passenger miles per gallon!!!



When you need a lot of room for passengers, our newest Limo Coach is a perfect choice. It is ideal for corporate events with room for 28 seated passengers and very high ceilings for easy stand-up entrance and egress.

This fine coach is perfect for weddings, Proms, Concerts, bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as almost any occasion where you want lots of room in a luxurious yet comfy setting.

Corporate clients love this Limo Coach too. We simply turn off the special effects, and this coach is perfect for Corporate and Business trips.

The Limo Coach is a great choice for event shuttle services. Don't ask your party guests to park and walk when they can be picked up and dropped off safely and in style.

Club Car Limousine & Trolley


Our AUTHENTIC TROLLEYS look very much like a Caboose of a locomotive train rolling down the street. People get excited when they see this fine machine with a look and feel from a very long time ago. Our authentic trolley has authentic exterior wood trim and authentic wooden bench seating inside. Even with its' old-time look, our Authentic Trolley features a Sound System with a subwoofer. We stock it with ice and bottled water. No other limousine company in this area can transport large parties in such a beautiful, nostalgic package. Believe it or not, our AUTHENTIC Trolley is GREEN too, getting nearly 300 passenger miles per gallon.

Club Car Limousine & Trolley
Trolley Rental Services Indianapolis


THE WHITE TOLLEY II is our newest trolley which naturally has the nostalgic look of our classic trolleys but with all the modern amenities such as Air Conditioning from 3 sources. Full function huge sound system with touch screen, blue tooth, and attached huge power amps. This fine trolley will roll down the highway, so trips to the games in INDY with a terrific Trolley to tailgate (at the venue, when parked) are perfect! If your needs for this fine new trolley fall on a Saturday, book Extra Early because it is in very high demand for weddings. Oh, the Green Theme, this fine trolley gets up to 300 passenger miles per gallon. Go Green!!!


OUR GRANDE OLD TYME TROLLEY is authentic looking and spacious. Our Trolleys are very popular, and our GRANDE OLD TYME TROLLEY is no exception. Among many of its Features are tall ceilings for easy entrance and egress without having to duck your head, a wide aisle with unique seating for our passenger's comfort, a high-performance sound system, and much more.

Talking about going GREEN...this TROLLEY can get nearly 400 passenger miles per gallon!!!